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Publicado el día: 14 Abr 2024

I don’t personally care if you use hookup apps

I don’t personally care if you use hookup apps

I just think they are trashy and dangerous and not a good way to find a partner. I realize some educated people actively pursue causal sex too, but let’s not pretend that we don’t understand or need to mind the emotional and physical health risks of having sex with 30 different people a year, and ignore that this is really unusual behavior that most people don’t do.

We do a really shi-y job some times as practitioners when it comes to discouraging high risk sexual behavior. Sure go nuts and do whatever you want, just use a condom and come in for regular STI screens. that’s not really honest. Maybe we should say, you know sleeping with a new person every week isn’t really healthy.

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This feels more like an issue you have with me being on grindr than an actual issue of kink shaming, but I’ll respond nonetheless.

People can have whatever kinks they want, I don’t care. When someone immediately messages pictures of their genitals and asks me to f*ck them in my white coat or do a physical exam on them, I reserve the right to make a joke about their fetishes lol. If those people said hello or had an actual conversation before bringing up their fetishes/sending nude pictures, it wouldn’t be so weird and maybe they’d actually get somewhere.

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Pretty stupid for highly educated medical professionals to be using hookup apps in the first place. You are purposely seeking an encounter with people who have a long history of causual sex encounters with strangers. bläddra igenom denna webbplats

Also seems to run a higher risk of hooking up with a psycho. Heard too many stories about hookup apps resulting in psycho stalkers.

As a med student you’re a quality individual. Do yourself a favor and find a high quality partner who doesn’t sleep around, vet him/her through traditional dating, and get STI tested before you have sex. Despite what you see on tv and social media, it’s what most of us do. But we’re boring and that doesn’t generate stories.

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Lol. Statistically if you choose to be part of the “hookup culture” and have numerous casual sex partners, you almost certainly will be exposed to hsv2, numerous strains of hpv, and other STIs. Sure, maybe you’ll get lucky a few times or won’t show symptoms, but keep doing it long enough and eventually you’ll either get an STI, have someone you don’t care for fall in love with you and not leave you alone, or you’ll fall for someone else and get crushed when you try to start a relationship then find out they continued to secretly meet up with strangers for casual sex (seen this happen multiple times).

It’s not really a healthy behavior emotionally or physically. And it’s not what most people do. We’ve messed up the minds of a lot of young people, especially men, by lying to them and convincing them that everyone is having tons of sex with lots of strangers all the time and that that’s normal behavior. The reality is that on hookup apps, a small minority of the users are the ones who are repeatedly matching over and over again for causal encounters. Girls that swipe right for a hot guy? Guess what, every other girl swipes right too, and the dude is saying yes to al lot of them and having a new partner every week. So yeah, have fun with that.