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Publicado el día: 13 Abr 2024

How to Get More Likes on Tinder

How to Get More Likes on Tinder

When it comes to modern dating, we can all agree that Tinder has played a significant role in influencing it. If you have also created an account on Tinder to meet your special someone or to make friends but are still waiting for matches, we’ve got you covered. With this guide, we will share all the tips to get more likes on Tinder.

You don’t need to use third-party apps or services to get more swipes. Most of these services can be shady and might also steal your data or money. The methods mentioned in this guide are genuine, tested, and even free. So, let’s jump right in.

1. Add Your Best Pictures

Remember the saying “First impression is the last impression”? Yes, that is important on Tinder. The first thing everyone will see on your Tinder profile is your picture; hence, you must ensure it’s the best. So, use pictures with pets or musical instruments.

You can also add pictures where you are laughing or doing something interesting. Ensure to keep your face visible and avoid uploading group photos.

2. Verify Your Profile

Even Tinder suggests verifying your profile upon creating your account on the platform. It is one of the best ways to get more free likes on Tinder. It ensures that the person is real and, thus, has a higher chance of getting more matches. Tinder also ensures that verified accounts are pushed more by the algorithm. Here’s how to verify your account on Tinder:

Step 5: Now, align your face properly. Ensure that you follow the instructions shown on the screen. Once completed, tap Okay to confirm.

Tinder will verify the face data with the images you have provided in your profile. If found similar, you will see a blue checke.

3. Write a Good Bio

Once you grab the person’s interest, they will scroll down to see the bio next. So, bring your witty and charming side here. Add something humorous; if you can’t come up with anything, quote a movie, book, or show you love.

Anything that will help the person viewing your profile learn more about you. Once you find something interesting to add to your bio, follow these steps:

Step 2: Open About me and add your bio. Once done, go back and start swiping. The bio will update instantly.

4. Use Good Prompts for Profile

Besides a profile picture and bio, you can increase the chance of getting more likes on Tinder for free by using the right prompts. Here’s how to update the prompts:

If you cannot add a new prompt, tap the X button next to the one you want to remove. After that, follow the steps above to add a new one.

5. Link Instagram and Spotify

Linking Instagram and Spotify with Tinder is an excellent way to let the other person know more about you and get likes on Tinder. Here are the steps:

6. Fill the Profile to 100

As you might already know, one of the best Tinder hacks to get more matches is to let the other person know more about you. Tinder gives the option to know your progress. To check it, open the profile tab. You can find the completion progress below your profile picture.

It’s always best to get the progress to 100%. How are you going to do that? Ensure almost all sections inside the profile edit page are filled.

7. Be Active on Tinder

Apart from updating your profile with all the necessary information, being active is another one of the Tinder tricks to get more matches. An active profile has a higher chance of being pushed forward to others by the algorithm. So, give Tinder valuable time to tell the algorithm you are serious about this dating game.

8. Don’t Delete and Restart Tinder More Frequently

If you plan to delete your Tinder account and restart it to get special features exclusive to the new account, we suggest against it, as this violates Tinder policy and might lead to banning your account. You will be required to wait days before creating a new account.

Moreover, there is little chance of getting any special offer on your new account, as Tinder might know that you are the same user based on your login method and device IP. Hence, we will suggest something other than this strategy.

9. Get Tinder Premium

So far, we have mentioned how to get more likes on Tinder, and almost all of them are free. However, you can give Tinder Premium a shot.

When upgrading to Premium, you get certain tools to increase your chances of getting more swipes on Tinder. These tools include unlimited swipes, see who you liked, and the ability to push your profile over the rest.

10. Update the Profile Once in a While

Apart from being active on the platform, you can play with the prompts, bio, and interests. These things can help the algorithm push your account towards people with similar interests.

11. Don’t Always Swipe Right

Yes. This is a terrible move and will only confuse the algorithm, making it difficult to show your profile to the right person. Swipe right for the person you like rather than hoping to get a match from anyone. As the saying goes, “Good things come to those who wait.”

12. Use Proper Filters

While swiping for people, use filters. This will push Tinder to show you people based on this and display your profile to those with similar filters. By this, you can increase the chances of getting more likes on Tinder for free.

FAQs on Tinder Likes

While there are no limits on the likes you receive daily, guys can make 25-50 right swipes (like a profile) every 12 hours, while girls get over 50 right swipes (like a profile) every 12 hours. Premium users get unlimited likes.

While many might assume that likes reset on Tinder within 24 hours, it’s only 12 hours once you exhaust your daily likes.

Have a Good Time on Tinder

Now that you know all the tricks to get more likes on Tinder, we hope you will use them and eventually make good friends or, even better, meet your soulmate. If you want more options, check out these best dating apps.