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Publicado el día: 15 Abr 2024

How Do I Make My Christian Dating Profile Stand Out?

How Do I Make My Christian Dating Profile Stand Out?

You’ve likely joined Veemance for the chance to chat with and meet other Christian singles. If your profile isn’t getting as much attention as you’d hoped, follow our advice to make your profile stand out.


On this platform, you have the chance to chat with and meet other Christian singles. If your profile isn’t getting as much attention as you’d hoped, you might need to learn more about how to write a dating profile that intrigues others so they want to get to know you. There are plenty of tips and tricks you can use to make your profile more engaging; follow our advice to make your profile stand out.

Top Tips for Writing a Dating Profile

  1. Ask a Friend

Many people struggle to communicate their positive qualities to others, worrying that they will sound too self-promotional. If you have this issue, feel free to enlist the help of a friend to write your dating profile. Our friends are often better able to describe us than we could ever describe ourselves.

  1. Add Photos of Yourself

It’s crucial that your Christian dating profile features photos of you by yourself. Adding pictures where you’re in a large group will leave people guessing which one you are. Adding photos of only you takes the guesswork out of it, as the viewers will know exactly which one you are when you’re the only person in the picture.

Make sure that any photos you add are recent, too. This gives other singles an accurate idea of what you look like – after all, looks aren’t everything, but they are certainly part of falling in love. Present yourself as you are so the person you’re chatting with falls for the real you.

  1. Be Positive

The number one rule for any dating profile is that you need to be positive and show off your best side. You may have seen some profiles where people talk about how badly they want to find love or hate being single – and it’s a total turn-off! People want to date someone who is happy within themselves and ready to find love whenever God decides it’s the right time for them. So, make sure that your profile is about what you want and not what you don’t have.

  1. Tell Them Something Interesting

What can you add to your profile that will make other Veemance users remember you? An interesting fact about yourself can help you to create a memorable profile that others will keep thinking about long after they have exited the site. Add a story about that fantastic trip you took, the weird thing you like to eat for breakfast… it can be anything; just make it unique!

Sign up to Veemance to find other unique people like yourself that you can connect with. Look for others with exciting profiles and ask them questions about themselves – after all, a relationship is a two-way street.

  1. Get Candid

Add some candid shots of yourself up close but also doing activities you love. You never know what you might have in common with someone, and that shot of you snowboarding could act as a great conversation starter. Plus, candid shots are more natural, and people who want to date you will enjoy seeing you in your element, doing something fun.

  1. Don’t Make a List

You’ll notice that many dating app users create a list of what they are looking for, or more often, what they aren’t looking for. Don’t make a list saying that you want someone tall, blonde, etc, etc. This can make you seem negative and closed off, so even if someone meets those characteristics, they may not be interested in chatting with you.

  1. Ditch the Cliches

Adding your favourite Bible verse is an excellent way to entice conversation, but don’t add any cliches or other quotes to your profile. What exactly is ‘Live, laugh, love’ supposed to tell the person about you? Most people will think that you likely don’t have a lot of personality and move on. Don’t make your profile basic – share bible verses that are close to your heart or write something real instead.

Remember who you are. Don’t compromise for anyone, for any reason. You are a child of the Almighty God. Live that truth.

When writing your profile, make sure that it showcases your personality. If you’re cheeky and light-hearted, your profile should reflect that. There is no point in pretending to be someone you’re not, as once you meet up, your date will get to know the real you anyway. So why not add personal details and let people start getting to know you right away?

Signing up to Veemance is free; the only hard part is creating the perfect Christian dating profile. Now that you know how to write a dating profile, it’s time to get started! Call a friend and brainstorm ideas so that you can stand out on dating sites for Christians and meet your perfect match.