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Certified Partner by Google Adwords, SHOUT! will increase your sales thru online marketing strategies!
Posted On: 15 Mar 2013

Increasing your CPC conversion rate to get more clients

Google offers advertisers several programs to help advertisers and websites develop a successful online marketing strategy. Google Adwords is one of the most useful tools available to attract new and future clients.

SHOUT! Online Marketing Agency develops CPC campaigns (cost per click) for online stores by finding the most popular keywords potential customers search for. By using them effectively with a high conversion rate, the number of new and future clients visiting the site increases, with a resulting increase in sales and profits.

CPC Campaign results

Adwords helps determine the search for these keywords to develop an online marketing campaign using cost per click. After a detailed analysis, an online marketing professional can set guideline values for the cost of each click generated by that keyword.

Google Adwords Keywords

The conversion rate is a key performance indicator that will measure the success of the strategy, and yielding the percentage of potential customers who have responded to our marketing action. It also indicates the those who become customers, purchasing any of products offered. Depending on the sector for which the campaign is created, the conversion rate can range between 2% and 5% of total visits to the website.

With a professional team behind you the results improve substantially. Read this case study that shows the impact of this strategy, and the gains it can offer your online business.