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Posted On: 03 Aug 2014

How to Increase your Online Marketing Visibility

Online Marketing visibility isn’t all about you. Your content speaks for you, so what you share on your social networks is crucial to be seen by the right people. The way you are seen to communicate online speaks volumes about you and your business. You need to get it right.


Be Unique

If you can offer something outside the norm, something different to your competition, you will stand out; just make sure you are standing out in a good way! You need to be clever with your Online Marketing; there is a LOT of competition out there.

Be Credible

Research your subject if you don’t already know it inside out, and if you do. Be the voice of authority in your specialized subject, get it right and you will gain respect.

Be Social

Building a network of like minded people will take you far in your Online Marketing efforts. A support network on Social Media is so important as they will share your content for you, as long as you reciprocate!

Be Confident

Never say “I don’t know” if someone asks you a question to do with your field of expertise. If you don’t know the answer then find out. If you can’t find out then at least be helpful in directing them to someone who WILL know the answer. Your time and effort will be appreciated.

Be a Storyteller

Tell your business story with the content you share. When and why did you start what you do? How do you make your products? Where did you learn your skills? What advice can you share with your customers?

Be Inventive

Think outside the box, do something different, explore different types of media to share and different outlets to share them on.

Be Observant

Watch how your content is coming across, follow up on questions, reply to comments, and catch those leads before they get away from you.

There are many more ways to increase your Online Marketing visibility, whatever you do; you should make it unique to you. You may find your ideas are copied, take it as a compliment, it means you are getting it right!

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