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Posted On: 03 Jun 2014

Email Marketing: How to get people to subscribe to your list

Writing and creating beautiful, informative email newsletters is all very well, but who are they being sent to? Building your list is just as important as the emails you send, you need an audience of people who are interested in your business to make a success of your Email Marketing Campaign. Here are some ideas of how to build your list:


Make it easy to subscribe

There are lots of email marketing platforms out there where you can create subscription forms. Use them! Add your subscription form to your blog, website and Social Media sites, share it regularly, point it out to people. If it is nice and easy, ie “put your email address in this box to get our latest news and offers” then people will sign up.

Give examples of what people will get

Take screen shots of your newsletter and show the world what you have to offer. People are still wary of getting loads of junk mail so if you can prove to them that your mail will be helpful, informative or full of offers and giveaways, they will be much more likely to want in on the action.

Offer things of value

By value we don’t mean give expensive gifts! What we mean is give your audience something which could be valuable to them or their business. Offer a free ebook, a discount voucher, some valuable advice or information about your chosen field. People love a freebie. Social Media Marketing is all about sharing so offer something worth sharing.

Make your emails easily forwardable

It may sound obvious but this is something a lot of people miss. Make sure you have a “forward to a friend” button or clickable link at the bottom of your email so people can forward it straight on to their friends and contacts. This will not only get others to subscribe but it’s a great way to drive more traffic to your website and let people take you up on your great offers.

Make your emails easily shareable

Your Email Marketing Campaign is nothing without Social Media so make sure you have share buttons on every email you send. If it is just a one click task for people to share on their social media accounts then that is what they will do, if it is too difficult they just won’t bother.

You have the tools to create and send great emails, make sure your list is full of relevant and targeted potential customers. Also have a look at 5 Email Marketing Campaign Mistakes to Avoid to ensure you are getting it right.