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Posted On: 09 Oct 2013

Email Marketing for Your Business

Email marketing is generally seen as one of the most effective ways to get your business noticed. The reason is simple. It’s direct. Targeted social media campaigns can be good, but nothing gets to the bottom of what you’re trying to say quicker than an email. A good strong email sequence or auto responder as it’s known, can make a huge difference to your email marketing plan.

A juicy tag line that gets people opening your mail, and compelling content can take your email marketing to new heights.

Email Marketing for Your Business

So you have a business, and you want to use email marketing to directly attract new business. It all comes down to good copy. Email marketing is where the best copywriters show their worth, with some open rates as high as 80% and click through rates in the 70’s.

If you are planning an email marketing campaign, then here are 4 things to consider.

email marketing

1: Provider

Using a trusted company such as Shout! can efficiently get you off the ground with your email marketing campaign.  We specialise in creating email marketing campaigns from scratch and then monitoring them for effectiveness.

2: Copywriter

The way your emails are delivered as part of an email marking strategy, is only half as important as the content. Compelling content by a proven copywriter can turn a lackluster campaign into a catchy, well-worded winner.

3: Analyse This

Email marketing is only effective if you know just HOW effective. Using a service can help you a lot. You can perform A/B split testing, track open rates and delivery rates. All of these things will ultimately help you and your email marketing become better at customer attraction.

Say what you want to say better, quicker and louder, say it with email marketing, and say it with Shout!

Something to really Shout about!