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Publicado el día: 14 Abr 2024

All three of my girls are music lovers

All three of my girls are music lovers

So rather than try to fill in the blanks as regards to him, I will print what he sent to me to fill holes and update his situation, verbatim:

“I visited a doctor when I was in Colorado,” he said. “As a matter of fact, some people finally dragged me to a doctor. I got some news that was less than encouraging, so I decided it was time for me to return to Fort Worth and gather my stuff together because I’d lost it all over the years Vitryssland kvinnor mot amerikaner. The people who care about me and love me and in fact admire my music have kept it and when I came back to town, they started coming out of the woodworks saying here, here’s this cassette tape you left over at my house, you know, sixteen years ago or something. And the numbers started piling up. None of these were songs that were in the catalogue that I carry along with me. I record them, They’re unforgettable in my mind and I can play them anytime, so I wasn’t careful about making sure they were recorded and copyrighted and all.”

The months left were spent gathering and collating those songs. They helped make his last days tolerable. Besides the songs and his good friends, White was desolate- no money, no strength. He made a deal with friends Michael Mann and Rex Farr for future publishing rights and relied on others to help him make it through.

David Bullock, like Scott Fraser, was reluctant at first to talk. We traded many emails before he sure that his participation was what convinced Scott to communicate as well. Of the four, Bullock and Fraser held Space Opera closest to the vest. There were moments neither wanted to revisit for fear that they would be misrepresented or misunderstood. There were things that happened, though public, they considered more private. You can give lip service to such an attitude, but unless you understand that to these four guys, and especially to Bullock and Fraser, Space Opera was a living thing, you won’t understand at all.

I write them

Without Bullock, this history would not have been written. He, in fact, wrote most of it. He edited, set and reset timelines, made corrections and, in the places he remembered things differently, refused to make corrections. Every written word passed through his hands before it was posted. In a way, this is the story of Space Opera as told to… In a very big way.

“While my wife and I were living in New York, I studied film and video production. I needed the proverbial day job and I’d always been interested in the visual arts. The parallels to music production were there: television studios, recording studios, editing/sound mixing, and both are basically electronic media. Over the years, I have found many musicians who have found their ways into this field.

“The best part of my life has been my marriage and the joy of raising two wonderful daughters. My family has always been very supportive of the musical side of my life- they are my most enthusiastic fans and they always enjoy coming to hear me play. So in this phase of my life, I’ve had the best of both worlds.

“Once the band members were all back in North Texas, I thought we would have played together more often, but it just seemed hard to get everyone on the same page at the same time. But I am truly grateful for the opportunities to make music with those three men. We often found ourselves in a zone of floating interconnected consciousness. And on a good night, we were actually a much better band in ‘retirement’ than we had been in our ‘prime.’