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Publicado el día: 15 Abr 2024

27 Best Relationship Tips From Marriage Experts

27 Best Relationship Tips From Marriage Experts

The is a group of experienced relationship writers, experts, and mental health professionals. We provide practical and research-backed advice on relationships. Our content is thoroughly reviewed by experts to ensure that we offer high-quality and reliable relationship advice.

We all must have heard the words “marriage takes work.” This holds for every marriage, whether for newlywed couples or old couples.

The honeymoon period for couples does not last long, and after it ends, the partners become thoroughly acquainted with what a married life feels like.

It is not always rainbows and butterflies; it can also be a compromise that helps them move ahead with a successful relationship.

So, how to have a healthy marriage ? And, how to make marriages work? Here are some expert relationship tips you must know about.

What does a healthy relationship look like?

Everyone may have their definition of a healthy relationship . However, certain aspects of a relationship make it healthy. Healthy relationships involve feelings and emotions such as trust, honesty, respect, and open communication in a relationship among partners.

They take effort and compromise for both partners. Healthy relationships do not have an imbalance of power. Both partners feel heard, valued, and make shared decisions.

27 best relationship tips from marriage therapists

“How to maintain a healthy marriage?” is a question that almost every married person probably asks. Everybody, at some point or the other, asks themselves and others, “How to have a happy relationship?”

With the help of these healthy marriage tips and tips on having a healthy relationship, couples will be able to keep their marriage ever-green and everlasting.

Have an open and honest communication

Without proper communication, couples may be irked without knowing how, why, and when it all started. Open and honest communication in marriage can set logical expectations and greater sensitivity towards each other’s feelings.

Learn how to resolve a conflict by recognizing each other’s strengths and making it a team approach. Avoid trying to prove your way is best, but listen to your partner for a different perspective.

Often in relationships, people listen to answer or defend, which is different from listening to understand. When you listen to understand, you listen with more than your ears.

From listening to understanding, you create deeper intimacy with your partner and yourself than you do when you are listening to combat an argument or respond. This is where true connection and intimacy live.

The more in touch you can be with your own emotional experience, the more clearly you can communicate that experience. Try to talk using “I” statements (I feel hurt; sad; alone; unimportant) to your partner; the deeper your intimacy can and will be.

Speaking from the heart speaks to a different part of the brain than “you” statements or accusations. Speaking from your emotional pain gives your partner a chance to respond to it rather than defend their position.

Appreciate, and honor each other’s strengths and weaknesses

One of the best happy marriage tips is appreciation. Just a little appreciation will go a long way toward maintaining a healthy marriage .

For years, married couples are bound to get comfortable with each other to such an extent that they lose the true essence of love. In this case, how to make marriage better?

To keep the spirit of love alive, couples must engage in healthy communication . They must acknowledge and express gratitude for all the little and big sacrifices the other half makes every day.

Be it the small task of tucking the children to bed on nights or making you breakfast in bed; be sure to vocalize your thankful gesture for building a healthy marriage .